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OSCommerce Project

Here is the list of newest OSCommerce Freelance Project. To find more information about freelance OSCommerce Project, click the link on the project title.

PROGRAMMER TO FIX OS COMMERCE PHP WEBSITE by fsbtoday99 <0011pmMondayMonday>
We are a small business with a custom designed OS Commerce PHP website. We have an SSL on our website, but pages with products on them show as "not fully secure". We were told by our hosting company… (Budget: $10 – $3500 USD, Jobs: OSCommerce, PHP, Website Design, Website Management)

Customize queries in mysql with php 5.3.2 and ajax calls by tiagomtv <0011pmSundaySunday>
I need someone to optimize some queries to avoid mysql crash on server, in this application I use php 5.3.2 and OCOMMERCE MS2.2. Note: I am a php developer, I have developed part of this application and the queries… (Budget: R$90 – R$750 BRL, Jobs: AJAX, Javascript, MySQL, OSCommerce, PHP)

Filemaker Woocommerce integration by JMDPX <0011pmFridayFriday>
Hi! My name is Josef and I have a company who want´s to integrate a Woocommerce store and a Filemaker database. We want Woocommerce to get article data and status from Filemaker, and when a customer place an order on the web, wea want it to be visible in FIelamaker… (Budget: kr51 – kr96 SEK, Jobs: …

Fix internal server error by windsuitman <0011pmFridayFriday>
when I go to site it says internal server error. I need this fixed. (Budget: $10 – $30 USD, Jobs: OSCommerce, PHP)

Marketplace con precios dinamicos/ Marketplace with dynamic pricing by RodrigoCE <0011pmThursdayThursday>
El objetivo del proyecto es crear un mercado de múltiples proveedores y compradores, con estas características: -Precio dinamico para los productos, los precios deben cambiar de acuerdo a la oferta,… (Budget: $3750 – $11250 MXN, Jobs: Business Intelligence, eCommerce, HTML, OSCommerce, WooCommerce …

Experienced Developer for Oscommerce by vn10111 <0011amWednesdayWednesday>
1. Fix checkout bugs, currency conversions and ensure that checkout and payment gateways works well. 2. Fix Customer registration bugs 3. Fix default currency to automatically show Rands (R) (Budget: $20 – $80 USD, Jobs: HTML, Javascript, MySQL, OSCommerce, PHP)

templete desine for my online store by aryan1712 <0011pmTuesdayTuesday>
i want to make an templete which can help me to make my online seller account simple this templete should resolve my sales ,returns ,paymnets ,replacement ,etc to be done in the platform templete … (Budget: ₹600 – ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Amazon Web Services, eCommerce, OSCommerce, Shopping Carts, Templat …

help with my website by sonia044 <0011pmSundaySunday>
need help optimizing my listings on Ebay and Amazon sites (Budget: $250 – $750 USD, Jobs: eCommerce, OSCommerce)

Redesign of ecommerce site by ekean <0011pmFridayFriday>
Reference site: Current db: mysql code: oscommerce / php I want to transition to Magento, or newer oscommerce, responsive… (Budget: $3000 – $5000 USD, Jobs: eCommerce, Magento, MySQL, OSCommerce, PHP)

Move data from Oscommerce by schoudhary1553 <0011pmThursdayThursday>
I need a magento2 expert for my current project. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the selected freelancers. (Budget: $10 – $100 CAD, Jobs: eCommerce, HTML, MySQL, OSCommerce, PHP)

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  • Music Project

    Here is the list of newest Music Freelance Project. To find more information about freelance Music Project, click the link on the project title.

    electronic music production by semby1 <0011pmMondayMonday>
    i am looking for someone who can produce some music elements (midi) and send them to me.. i will provide a music example which i want so sound like. i need some stems like the example i am sending… (Budget: €30 – €250 EUR, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Electrical Engineering, Music, Soun …

    Music project to backup musical library in FLAC and MP3 by swipnet <0011pmMondayMonday>
    We are currently using Deezer to listen to our favorite music, but we need somebody to backup our library. Less than 2'200 songs from Deezer (we provide access to high definition format). Recording formats should be in MP3 and FLAC (two separate folders)… (Budget: $30 – $250 USD, Jobs: Audio …

    I would like to hire a GarageBand Expert to help me slow down a track by fongchoostampfli <0011amMondayMonday>
    We have a classical track where portion of the track needs to be slowed down. (Budget: €12 – €18 EUR, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, PHP, Sound Design)

    need a music composer plus singer/raper by nishantarora009 <0011amMondayMonday>
    hi, i need a singer/raper and music composer who can make a song on my lyrics. Song is based on DELHI and its is like "unchiyan galaan" . (Budget: ₹600 – ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design)

    Music and Dance Teacher by shantipjh <0011amMondayMonday>
    we are looking for 2 Music and Dance teachers who can work as freelancers in a school. (Budget: ₹400 – ₹750 INR, Jobs: Audio Services, Music, Voice Talent)

    Sound effects and/or composing music by maj2k2 <0011amMondayMonday>
    Needing sound effects or composing music for a project that needs to be ready by this week or next. You need to be good in this field and any example of your work would help me a lot. (Budget: $30 – $250 USD, Jobs: GarageBand, Music, Sound Design, Voice Talent)

    voice over work for voicemail, greeting and outgoing messages by pcrest12 <0011amMondayMonday>
    Need messages for 11 offices. Uploaded one of our current messages as example of upbeat nature we are looking for. Will be a total of 12 one minute messages. (Budget: $30 – $250 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Video Services, Voice Talent)

    Music mixing ans mastering by garrett2la <0011pmSundaySunday>
    I have a mp3 file of my song the i need mixed and mastered. (Budget: $30 – $250 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Music)

    Backing track for the song by cudyawarcudyawar <0011pmSundaySunday>
    I am looking for re-recording this attached song in one of the Indian language( a ethopian song) tempo and beat should remain same, and the melody part. any other changes to avoid to avoid straight copy or to avoid copyright issues is okay… (Budget: ₹600 – ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio …

    music composition by cudyawarcudyawar <0011pmSundaySunday>
    I am looking for a backing track to re-record this ethopian song, not exactly same but tempo and beat should remain same. basically a sad song. (Budget: ₹600 – ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design)

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